On Sunday the 17th of November commemorate the music of the swinging sixties live at the Benidorm Palace.

Heading this live '60s revival night is The Fortunes, then to finish off this nostalgic evening, refresh your memory with the New Amen Corner, Europe's leading 1960’s revivalist band.

The Fortunes recorded some of the most enduring hits of the 60’s and 70’s using incredible vocal harmonies.

In 1964, their release “Caroline”, became the theme tune for the first U.K. pirate radio station, Radio Caroline, which broadcast, off the coast of Essex, in international waters, to evade the BBC’s broadcasting rights on music played on radio stations.   It’s The Real Thing”, the jingle for the Coca-Cola advert is also a sound that we all remember, that heightened the group's popularity.    “Storm In A Teacup”, “Here It Comes Again”, “You’ve Got Your Troubles”, and “Freedom Come Freedom Go” are just a few of the sounds that will evoke and conjure up all those warm memories.

The New Amen Corner completes the feel-good factor of the evening.   They can recreate the 60’s sound in a live show.  The original Amen Corner was one of the biggest influences on the sixties pop scene and although there are none of the original members in the New Amen Corner, the group has earned respect from their peers.

Conjure up the past with hits such as “Gin House”, “Bend Me Shape Me”, “If Paradise Was Half As Nice”, “High In The Sky” & “Hello Suzie”.

Tickets are on sale here for 30€ with an optional menu available for an additional 8€.

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