Isla de Benidorm

Tickets for the boat trip to Benidorm Island

Benidorm's Island is just two and a half nautical miles from the coast, in front of the Canfali headland that divides Benidorm´s two beautiful beaches, the Levante and the Poniente.  The island is uninhabited but has a bar and restaurant to attend to the needs of passengers visiting the island.

On the 26th of May 1970,  the Island was officially named The Island of Journalists’ during a National Assembly of Journalists held in Benidorm.

The island has a depth of up to 20 metres, and a marine ecosystem, highly appreciated by divers.  Around the rocky base reside bream, Sarpa, scorpionfish, octopus, nudibranch, and moray eels.   

Two boats make the approximately 20-minute journey transporting visitors to and from the island hourly.

On arrival at the island you can see the underwater views of the island and then disembark to explore and admire the impressive views of the Benidorm coastline.

If travelling on the catamaran Aquario II, the underwater views on arrival at the island are taken in the same boat.  If travelling on the Bahia de Benidorm then on arrival at the island you will change to the Aquascope for the underwater views.

This excursion depends on favourable weather conditions.

Departures from the port all year round.

  • How to get to... Benidorm port or to the platform.
  • Address:- Paseo de Colon, Benidorm, Alicante, Spain.
  • Departures every hour from the port in the old town.
  • The excursion consists of the boat trip to the island and underwater views of the fish and flora of  the island on either the Aquario or Aquascope boats.
  • Return on any of the boats that travel backwards and forward every 60 minutes.

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