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Boat Hire in Benidorm

How does spending a day out at sea sound? 

If you don’t have your own boat not to worry.   Benidorm Marine hires boats that require no licence or qualifications so, Excursiones Benidorm went to try one out.

We  met Paco in the Rincon de Loix and from there he took us to the Levante Beach .  None of us have an knowledge of  boats or marine safety, so he carefully explained everything to us.

We boarded one of the Dipol 400 Cala “Princess”  and were shown the controls, wheel and throttle while Paco explained the security signals, the buoys, etc until he felt we had grasped the basics.  He asked if we had any question or doubts……...

“No, I think we’ve got it Paco”  boat-hire-benidorm-princess

“ Of you go then, enjoy yourselves.  See you when you get back”

We now had the problem of deciding which one of us was going to pilot the boat, so we decided  Rock-paper-scissors would sort that problem out.    I won, so the others better hold on tight!!!!!

The boat doesn’t have a high speed, if it did we would not be able to pilot it without the necessary qualifications, but it was enough to feel free, with the sea breeze on our faces and the experience of navigating solo.  The feeling was indescribable. 

We didn't plan to go to far, although we could have gone to Benidorm Island but the contrasting colours of the sea as we changed to deeper waters was so appetizing that we decided to drop anchor and take a dip.  The temperature of the deeper water is different too and so refreshing when we jumped off the boat.  Swimming with no one else around was amazing and felt as if we had the sea to our selves.   We were like little children climbing back on the boat, only to jump into the cool water once again.  

Benidorm Marine also offers boat hire for those who do have qualifications to pilot a boat.  These boats are obviously more powerful and larger and can be hired with the possibility of a meal on board as well, with previous arrangement with the company. 

We had such a good time, sunbathing, swimming in the open sea and being “Captain” for the day, that we are thinking of trying one of the excursions that they offer or even dine on board while sailing under the moonlight.  Prices are reasonable and the experience well worth it.

Don’t forget your swimming costume, sun cream, towel and your camera to take that souvenir photo with the Levante Beach as the background .

For further information consult www.benidormmarine.es or telephone + 00 34 96 680 4344,  664115790or +00 34 722 48 28 28.


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